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We are a newly formed Mortgage Investment Corporation with over 50 years of lending experience.  Take advantage of our knowledge by putting our money in a low risk investment with a moderate return.  Our team of managers aim to provide the best investment experience by keeping you up to date on where your money is being invested.  With strict lending guidelines, we aim to only invest in properties that are highly marketable and primarily in the GTA.  Contact us today so you can learn more about the Arc experience.

Borrowing | Case Study
Peace of Mind Within 4 Months!

A client in distress was referred to us for a solution. He’s a professional working in the medical field and was over $100,000 in income tax arrears and high credit card balances. Naturally this negatively affected his credit score. The client knew very well the CRA tax arrears are going to be paid sooner or later but felt cornered with high debt and a low credit score.

We immediately studied his financial situation and decided to register a 2nd mortgage on his property and pay off the outstanding CRA tax arrears and all his credit card debts on which he was paying  outrageous interest rates. It didn’t end there, we always take the time to coach our clients on how to rebuild their credit and within 4 months we were able to consolidate his first mortgage and our mortgage into one mortgage with a major bank.

The end result was all his debts were paid off with our 2nd position mortgage, he was making 1 reasonable payment instead of 6 different ones, no more outrageous credit card interest rates and no more harassing phone calls and letters.

Client was extremely grateful for being introduced to us as he felt he had nowhere to turn! This is a very common scenario, there are so many reasons why people fall behind on payments and their debt load accumulates, many are due to unforeseen circumstances.

Reaching out to ARC can change your life!

Less Risk Means A Smarter Investment

It’s rare to find a GIC that pays even 2% for a one-year term these days. Government bonds offer similarly low yields, even for 10-year terms. Investment-grade corporate debt does pay more, but even with those bonds, 4.0% to 4.5% is pretty much the limit these days in Canada. Interest rates between 8% to 9% on an ARC MIC look pretty good by comparison.

With prudent and professional management, ARC MICs can achieve moderate returns to investors with low risk and low loan to value holding. Low LTV holdings. The management team believes in the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is”. That’s why each Manager has their own funds invested in the ARC MIC. We let investors pool their money together to be lent out as mortgages. It essentially allows the average investor like you to participate in, and profit from, the mortgage lending business.

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