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My Investment Dashboard

Each Month as an investor you will receive a statement which will include a breakdown of mortgages, mortgages by location, breakdown on remaining terms of mortgages, property types with addresses, LTV breakdown, breakdown of security positions, and all facts associated to the MIC.

Invest Comfortably

Our Criteria

ARC Mortgage Investment Corporation has a very low risk approach to its investments. Primarily only lending in the GTA. With a maximum portfolio loan to value of 75 %. We only deal in residential and all our deals must be approved by all three board members.

A MIC provides a tax advantage like no other!

MIC Tax Benefits

The MIC itself will not pay income tax so long as the profits are flowed through to the shareholders and taxed in their hands. This is advantageous to an investor who has purchased MIC shares through a self-directed registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or a self-directed registered retirement income fund (RRIF) as the tax is deferred until the funds are transferred or annualized. In the case of Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), the dividends earned are tax-free when withdrawn.

Individual Tax benefits

All capital gains and Canadian dividends are taxed at lower rates than other income such as interest and foreign dividends. Interest income and dividend income are received or accrued each year, and are taxable in the year you receive or accrue the income.

RRSP Tax Benefit

Any profits made on investments within an RRSP account in the form of interest, dividends or capital gains are not immediately taxable to you as income. RRSP investors do have to pay taxes on the profits in their RRSP, but this does not occur until the funds are withdrawn.

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